Specialty Products

The Sprayable Microbial Supplement

The Microbial Supplement for Enhanced Production & Health

The Natural Elicitor

Plant Growth Regulator

The Iron Chlorosis Corrector

Runway, Highway and Walkways De-icer

Isoway™ De-icer for Walkways

Liquid K Xtra with Plant Growth Regulators

The Insecticidal Soap

Grow Organic with Organomex 6-2-4

Alleviating Deficiency and Boosting Growth

Plant Growth Regulators

The Water Conditioner

Slug & Snail Killer (SSK)

The In-Crop pH Reducer and Water Softner

StimPro Armour

The Crop Protector

Breaking dormancy

GRO-Root Xtra Special

A Silicon-Based Non-Ionic Wetting & Spreading Agent

The Natural Biostimulant

The Non-Ionic Surfactant, Spreader, Activator