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The most critical stage in attaining a plant’s yield potential is in The First 30 Days® of its growth.

Early season stresses (cold, wet, dry, hail, diseases, pests etc.) can significantly affect the health, vigor and productivity of a crop – setting back maturity and reducing yield and/or quality.

The focus of OMEX’s research and development is to preserve yield potential with products that enhance and complement a well-balanced soil-applied fertilizer program. These products are applied at three key stages in The First 30 Days®.

OMEX PRIMERS add nutrients onto the seed, optimizing nutritional balance to maximize seedling emergence and vigor. 
Primers help the plant manage (or cope with) the stresses of early season conditions to get the crop off to a strong start.

OMEX STARTERS are placed in the seed row to provide readily available phosphorus for maximum uptake into the plant. Starters promote rapid root growth and accelerated seedling emergence and establishment.

OMEX FOLIARS are liquid products formulated with specific nutrients to be applied with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Foliars boost crops metabolism during periods of biotic or abiotic stress to preserve yield potential.

OMEX products enhance and complement a well-balanced soil-applied fertilizer program. Using two OMEX products together during the growing season can produce a synergistic effect and a multiple increase in value; 1+1=3 results!

The FINAL 30 DAYS® consists of nutritional management programs to enhance grain fill, nutrient density and other desirable organoleptic qualities or hasten maturity.

Ongoing research on using balanced nutrition in conjunction with commonly used herbicides, fungicides and insecticides is a key component to preserve yield and enhance quality while preventing the development of resistance/tolerance and prolonging the shelf-life of the actives we rely on to protect the crops.