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OMEX is celebrating over 45 years of existence servicing the specialty fertilizer market in over 85 countries.

Our products are innovative and developed based on an in-depth understanding of the science of soil, seed and crop nutrition. They undergo rigorous testing for performance, safety, efficacy and compatibility. Our philosophy is to take challenges encountered at the farm level and turn them into tangible solutions in form of fertilizer products.

The manufacturing process of our suspension and solution liquid fertilizers as well as crop health promoters is unique and relies on the use of proprietary technologies, high quality ingredients and a state-of-the-art facility operated by highly qualified staff trained in chemistry, product formulation, industrialized engineering, and shipping and handling. We are proud of the continuous investment we make in our production facility in Oak Bluff, MB, to deliver quality products on time to retailer partners and growers across Canada.

Looking back at what we accomplished this far with our clients, it is satisfying to note the prosperous growth generated, which makes the future even more exciting and equally promising. We have, over the years, successfully educated and earned the trust of retailers, farmers and agronomists about soil, crop nutrition and health while garnering business from across the nation along the way. We thrive to offer the best customer experience to our clients and partners in business and we made it our first and foremost goal to deliver on service and quality.

In an era where our clients and business partners as well as their customers are well informed about their product options, they still choose to do their business with us because of our experience and unwavering commitment to quality and to the community we service with expert knowledge and integrity. Our code of operation is simple: get talented expert staff to focus on the community needs with an honest perspective.

Moving forward, we will take each given opportunity to work together with our clients and business partners to offer tangible solutions that address the challenges and limitations facing growth opportunities.

In this perspective, OMEX thrives to offer nutrition and advisory services to Canadian growers of field, vegetables and horticultural crops including cereals, oilseeds, vegetables, fruit trees as well as to the turf and ornamental sectors. Our fertilizer range includes seed dressingsstarters, fully water-soluble foliar suspensions, and plant health promoters along with many tailored formulations that fit specific needs, crops and farm zone conditions.

Our Vision

To lead the market in the development and the manufacturing of the most innovative line of plant nutrition products, designed from science to improve plant health and performance, for the agriculture and horticulture industry.