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For Increased Strength and Lodging Resistance


What is It?

  • SW7 is a silicon-based wetting and spreading agent designed to give enhanced uptake of foliar nutrients.
  • SW7 has an analysis of 60% Si for turf and compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and pesticides and additives.
  • This product is available in 1L jugs.

When & Why Use It?

  • Silicon displaces water in plant tissue as desiccation occurs in leaf tissue thereby increasing the plants strength in dry conditions.
  • SW7 improves uptake of foliar nutrients applied to the leaves and supplies a source of silicon. The absorption of silicon does not reduce manganese uptake, but causes homogenous distribution of manganese in the leaf blade.
  • Silicon has a structural role but secondarily play a role in preventing the development of certain diseases and deterring pests such as aphids, red spider mite, thrips and whitefly.
  • Silicon is widely recognized as a beneficial element to many crops. It is transported in the xylem and deposited in the epidermal cells. It complexes with calcium in the cell walls and acts as a physical strengthener and also to alleviate abiotic and biotic stress.
  • Adding the wetting agent to spray solutions improves the wettability of the leaves.
  • It helps break the surface tension.
  • Adding SW7 improves the absorption and drying time of the solution.

What to Expect?

  • Enhanced growth and development with and upright stature and resistance to lodging.
  • High tolerance to excess sunlight in the exposed area, which aids in the protection against temperature extremes and excess UV light.
  • Better tolerance to drought, salinity and toxicity from undesirable metals.
  • Increased resistance to plant diseases and pests.

Size Options


Application Guidelines

  • Apply at 0.062-0.155 oz per 1000 sq feet.
  • SW7 is available for use on a wide range of crops, including turf.


Percentage of Grey Leaf Spot affecting 4 cultivars of St Augustine grass grown in soils amended or not with Silicon (Si).