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A Silicon-Based Non-Ionic Wetting & Spreading Agent

ANALYSIS (0-8-0 w/ 62% SI)

What is It?

  • OMEX® SW7 (Siliphos) is a silicon based wetter, designed to give enhanced uptake of foliar nutrients.
  • Silicon is widely recognized as a beneficial element to many crops. It is transported in the xylem and deposited in the epidermal cells. It complexes with calcium in the cell walls and acts as a physical strengthener and also to alleviate abiotic and biotic stress. It also plays a part in the plants defense mechanism at the local level and is useful in reducing pest infestation.
  • The product is available in 1 L bottles.

When & Why Use It?

  • SW7 is used to improve uptake of foliar nutrients applied to the leaves and supplies a source of silicon.
  • When SW7 is used at higher rates, it supplies silicon to the crop. This can have a secondary effect of deterrence, which may affect a variety of pests such as aphids, red spider mite, thrips and whitefly. The silicon-oxygen bonds are hydrophobic and the organic clusters are hydrophilic, creating a superior wetting agent, which spreads quickly to cover a large surface area – greater than conventional surfactants. Microscopic examination reveals a high degree of stomatal flooding may also occur which can extend into the intercellular spaces. On contact with water, the bonds begin to degrade and the process runs to completion after 36–72 hours depending on temperature. The breakdown products are natural, being silica (e.g. sand), water and carbon dioxide.

Size Options


Application Guidelines

  • Apply SW7 at 40 ml–80 ml/acre
  • For use on all agricultural and horticultural crops, especially fruit, vegetables and potatoes.
  • OMEX® SW7 can be mixed with a wide range of foliar nutrients. Always consult the appropriate nutrient product guide before use.
  • It is suitable for dilution with both hard and soft water.
  • Add the required quantity of OMEX® SW7 to the spray tank and agitate thoroughly.
  • OMEX® SW7 is compatible with most, but not all, pesticides, growth regulators and micro-nutrients with regard to physical tank mixing and biological effects on the crop. (see compatibility charts).

*SW7 is a trademark of OMEX Agriculture Inc.

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