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GRO-Root Xtra Special

ANALYSIS (3-IBA 0.85%, KINETIN 0.15%)

What is It?

  • StimPro is a CFIA registered plant growth regulator (Fert. Act # 2003001A) that contains Auxin (0.85% of 3-IBA) and Cytokinin (0.15% Kinetin).
  • The product is available in 2 × 6 L cases.

When & Why Use It?

  • StimPro is recommended on all crops at the 3-5 leaf stage.
  • Use through drenching applications for rooting and to alleviate transplant shock.
  • StimPro can be sprayed onto the leaves and translocated down to the roots for rapid cell division and new root tissue growth.
  • StimPro is a plant growth regulator product that contains an auxin to encourage root formation and cytokinin to increase the rate of cell division.
  • When the plant is small, additional auxin is needed from the new leaf tissue in order to maximize root growth.
  • During difficult climatic conditions, the leaves have a difficult time emerging rapidly enough to supply the roots and growing plants with the appropriate amounts of auxin and cytokinin.
  • When early conditions are cool, the foliar spray of StimPro will give the seedling added vigor in both root and top growth.
  • StimPro acts as a safener when sprayed with herbicide.

What to Expect?

  • Increases plant vigor and stalk strength.
  • Increases root mass.
  • Increases nutrient uptake.
  • Produces a healthier plant, reduces transplant shock.
  • StimPro increases plant weight, root weight, crop quality and yield.

Size Options


Application Guidelines

  • Important: Water pH must be below 7.
  • Applied foliarly at a rate of 75 ml/ac (160 acres to the case).
  • Can be tank mixed with most commonly used pesticides (check compatibility charts).

*StimPro is a trademark of Agrowchem Inc.


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