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ANALYSIS (0.9% KINETIN, 0.3% SA, 0.3% VIT B1 & C)

What is It?

  • StimPro-K is CFIA registered plant growth regulator: Reg. #2003001A, Fertilizers Act.
  • This product is available in 2×6 L, 450 L and 1000 L IBC’s.

When & Why Use It?

  • StimPro-K is recommended on all crops including cereals, pod crops such as canola, soybeans and pulses, oilseeds, forages as well as fruit and vegetables.
  • Applied early in the season (3-5 leaf stage) StimPro-K increases the rate of cell division, differentiation and growth.
  • Applied later in the season (during seed and fruit set) StimPro-K increases the size of the cells making higher thousand kernel weight (TKW) and bigger size fruit.
  • StimPro-K advances the growth and development of the main stem and tillers resulting in a high test weight and more even maturity of the harvested grain.

Size Options



Application Guidelines

  • StimPro-K is recommended at various rates. Check the label for more information.
  • Apply the mixture at 3-5 leaf stage in cereals.
  • The mixture is compatible with most commonly used herbicides (see compatibility charts).

*StimPro-K is a trademark of Agrowchem Inc.


Figure 1. Effect of StimPro-K applied with the herbicide on yield in canola
Figure 2. Yield response of several varieties of soybeans to the application of StimPro-K with the herbicide
Figure 3. Yield Response of several varieties of wheat to the application of StimPro-K at the 3-5 leaf stage.

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