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For Landscapes and Golf Courses

8-8-8 + 8% CA

General Information

GREENLINE 8-8-8 + 8% Ca is a uniquely balanced fertilizer enhanced with chelated calcium. Calcium provides strength and structure to plant tissue and is a key component in many biological processes within the plant. This product also contains a blend of specially chelated micronutrients to provide plants with nutrients that are commonly tied up and unavailable. Applications of GREENLINE 8-8-8 + 8% Ca will help maintain excellent plant health and vitality.

General Usage

For use on all turf and ornamentals to treat and prevent calcium deficiencies. Applications should be made to actively growing turf and ornamentals, preferably during periods of high humidity (early morning and late afternoon). Avoid spraying during periods of severe stress, such as drought and high temperatures. Do not water for at least eight hours after application for optimal results.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass, and Fine Fescues – Apply 3 fl. oz (90 ml) per 1000 sq. ft. (100 m2).
  • Annual Bluegrass and Bentgrass – Apply at 3 fl. oz (90 ml) per 1000 sq. ft. (100 m2). Apply in 1 gallon/1000ft2 of water (3.8L/100m2).
  • General Maintenance Program – Apply at 3 fl oz. (90 ml) per 1000 sq. ft. (100 m2) on a bi-weekly schedule or as required.
  • Injection – 300–400 ppm per month or as needed to maintain colour.
  • Three to eight applications per growing season will usually provide the best results.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)8.0%
Phosphorous (P)8.0%
Potassium (K)8.0%
Calcium (Ca)8.0%
Iron (Fe)0.50%
Magnesium (Mg)0.50%
Boron (B)0.50%
Zinc (Zn)0.15%
Copper (Cu)0.05%