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uPtaKe IC

Reduces the Impact of Stress

ANALYSIS (13-7-4; 5-25-5; 8-32-5 + MICRO PACKAGE)

What is It?

  • High analysis source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, as well as micronutrients, in a specifically formulated foliar blend.
  • Low salt index customized formula.
  • uPtaKe IC 5-25-5 + micro package.
  • uPtaKe IC 13-7-4 + micro package.
  • uPtaKe IC 8-32-5 + micro package.
  • The product is available in 10L jugs, 450L and 1000L IBC’s.

When & Why Use It?

  • Use to supplement a well-balanced soil-applied fertility when the soil is unable to transfer nutrients (waterlogging, drought, heat, high humidity).
  • Use to mitigate or correct crop deficiency and based on tissue test.
  • Phosphorus uptake through the leaves is far greater than through the roots.
  • Uptake and utilization of Phosphorus is improved when balanced with Potassium and Nitrogen.

What to Expect?

  • uPtaKe IC reduces the impact of stress (i.e., wet, cold, dry).
  • uPtaKe IC prevents the appearance of nutrient deficiencies and growth stall, which could lead to poor tolerance to stress and diseases and pests.
  • uPtaKe IC improves the nutritional status of the crop during periods of shortage.
  • When used with well-balanced soil fertility, uPtake IC provides a positive ROI.

Size Options



Application Guidelines

  • Apply Uptake IC at 1.55-3 oz per
  • 1000L sq feet.
  • Uptake IC is for use on a variety of crops, including turf.
  • Can be combined with other fertilizer mixes and pesticides.
  • A jar test is recommended especially if the desired combination has not been previously used.


Phosphorus Deficiency in turfgrass.