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Agriflora Foliar

The Sprayable Microbial Supplement


What is It?

  • CFIA-registered supplement: Reg. # 2017129A, Fertilizers Act.
  • Agriflora Foliar is a microbial supplement formulated for foliar application to allow an improvement of nutrients uptake, stimulate plant growth and health, and enhance yield and quality.
  • Agriflora Foliar contains two naturally-occurring Rhizobacteria (Bacillus) with plant growth promoting abilities.
  • It’s seed, plant and user safe.

When & Why Use It?

  • Agriflora Foliar is recommended on all crops and during many stages of growth and development.
  • Early in the season Agriflora Foliar with its rapid colonization of the rhizosphere provides roots with a biofilm shield against pathogens.
  • It also produces essential auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins that stimulate plant growth and encourage branching.
  • As a symbiotic beneficial, Agriflora Foliar secretes a myriad of exo-enzymes involved in improving the uptake of phosphorus (P) and other macro- (N, K), secondary (Ca, Mg) and micro-nutrients (Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe).
  • This lead to an optimal growth and development, which allow crop to remain healthy and resilient to a variety of biotic and abiotic stresses.

What to Expect?

  • Stimulation of growth and development.
  • Optimal uptake of nutrient and less deficiencies.
  • High tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses caused by the environment, pathogens and pests.
  • Higher yields and quality.

Application Guidelines


  • Application rate: 80ml/ac
  • Mix at a ratio of 2:1,000 (vol:vol).


  • 200 ml Agriflora Foliar / 100 L Water
  • 500 ml Agriflora Foliar / 250 L Water
  • Spray to wet the soil, stems and foliage. The sprayed volume may vary depending on crop type, growth stage and spraying equipment. For ultra-low volume (ULV), calculate the amount based on a standard spray volume. Start treatment with two applications 7 days apart (boost). Repeat applications at a frequency of 14-28 days. Keep the frequency every 7-14 days during periods of unfavorable conditions.
  • Can be combined with liquid fertilizers.
  • SHAKE WELL before using the concentrated product.
  • Use immediately after dilution. Do not store for later use.
  • Store at 2 – 25°C.
  • Do not mix with antibiotics, peroxides, quaternary ammonium, hypochlorites or other antibacterial products.
  • Results may vary from one site to another.


Figure 1. Ability of Bacillus subtilis to produce biofilm and surfactin and protect roots against pathogens.
Left: Agriflora Foliar | Right: UTC