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As seeding begins to wind down across the Prairies, producers are setting their sights on the next stages of crop production and keeping their collective eye out for factors that can cause stress to vulnerable emerging plants.

Stress brought on by weather, soil conditions, moisture (excess or insufficient), insects, diseases and herbicide application can ultimately result in poor growth and development, stalling and yield loss. To help crops better tolerate these stressful conditions, OMEX offers a family of products with an effective weapon against stress – Stress Reliever Technology™.

Stress Reliever Technology™ has been developed to help plants better deal with stress by offsetting energy re-allocation during periods of environmental stress. Three of the products in the Stress Reliever family – C3, P3 and Nutri-Boost – are formulated with this beneficial technology, along with vital macro- and micro-nutrients to help crops thrive under adverse conditions and bounce back from damage. Continue reading to find out more and see which one is right for your crop.

C3 Stress Reliever for Canola and Cereals

Formulated for use on canola and cereals, C3 is a low-salt liquid foliar fertilizer with a 6-12-6 analysis. C3 has a high phosphorus percentage to provide energy, while boosting plant metabolism and providing relief from early season stresses like cold and/or excess moisture.

C3 is recommended for use on canola at the 1-4 leaf stage, cereal crops at 3-5 leaf, and can also be used on peas at the 1-6 node stage. It can be used alone, at herbicide timing, or tank-mixed with pesticides and/or other micronutrients, such as copper and boron, as needed. Along with the standard formulation, C3 is also available with a high potassium analysis (6-12-12) and in a formulation containing 0.5% copper, to address specific nutrient deficiencies.

P3 – Stress Reliever for Pulses

Like C3, P3 is designed for in-crop spray to help all pulse crops tolerate a range of environmental and chemical stresses. Formulated specifically for pulses, this liquid foliar fertilizer contains a high analysis of calcium, crucial for nodule formation and root development, and important in the uptake and metabolism of nitrogen and phosphorus.

P3 is used at the 1-6 node stage for peas and the 1-9 node stage for lentils and chickpeas to boost plant metabolism, relieve plants from early-season stresses, and advance maturity. It is compatible with pesticides and recommended for use at herbicide timing to protect plants from injury.

Give Stressed Crops a Boost with Nutri-Boost

Our third stress-buster, Nutri-Boost, is a liquid foliar fertilizer with a high phosphorus content and a full package of micronutrients (6-17-5 + micropackage), which can be used alone or in combination with pesticides. It is recommended for use on all crops at the 3-5 leaf stage to provide energy, boost metabolism, improve growth and advance maturity.

OMEX Has the Solution

Relieving the crop from stress allows it to go through its normal life-cycle without interruption, translating into earlier maturity at the end of the season. You can expect stronger, more resilient plants that can withstand stressful conditions and recover faster without stalling, with improved yield and quality.

Talk to your OMEX representative or retailer today for more information on C3, P3 and Nutri-Boost with Stress Reliever Technology™, as well as our full range of in-crop foliars and specialty products.

In our next post, we will be discussing the use of the Stress Reliever family of products in concert with boron-rich Super B or KB78 after a hailstorm or insect infestation to mitigate tissue damage and help crops recover quickly.