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  • De-Stress with OMEX Stress Reliever Technology™

    As seeding begins to wind down across the Prairies, producers are setting their sights on the next stages of crop production and keeping their collective eye out for factors that can cause stress to vulnerable emerging plants. Stress brought on by weather, soil conditions, moisture (excess or insufficient), insects, diseases and herbicide application can ultimately […]

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  • Survive and Thrive with Stress Relievers

    Just as we find it hard to do our best work when we’re stressed out, crops can suffer from a range of stressful conditions, which can cause poor growth and development, stalling and yield loss. To help crops better tolerate stresses caused by weather, soil conditions, insects, diseases and herbicide application, OMEX has developed Stress […]

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  • Growing Crops in Below Average Moisture – part 2

    As we learned in part one of this series, using primers to encourage strong, deep roots is critical under periods of extended heat and low-moisture. However, it’s also important to continue providing the crop with a proactive nutrition plan, particularly during periods of stress. To continue to support the root system, Dr. Abdel El Hadrami, […]

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