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Nutrient Benefits


High N levels can reduce the availability of:

  • Potash
  • Copper


Increased N levels can create a demand for more:

  • Magnesium


  • An essential element in all living systems
  • Needed by all cells
  • Occurs in the living substance (protoplasm) of cells
  • A major component of protein
  • A major component of chlorophyll

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Light green, yellow leaves. First evident in older leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Lower protein levels
  • Delayed maturity
  • Decreased resistance to disease and pests
  • Smaller fruit
  • Lower yields
  • Shorter storage life

Factors Affecting Availability

  • Light or sandy soils where nitrate nitrogen is leached
  • Water logged soils
  • Soils with structural problems as a result of poor aeration
  • Mineral soils low in organic matter
  • Nitrogen depleted soils
  • Soils where ammonium has been applied to high pH soils (free ammonia)

Sensitive Crops

All crops


The following OMEX products can assist with addressing and correcting Nitrogen deficiency:

Ask your OMEX Representative for more information.

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