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  • Product Spotlight: Starters

    Liquid starters give developing seeds a boost of readily available nutrition in the seed row – providing nutrients like copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and zinc to aid with early root establishment, advanced crop maturity and good overall plant health. If your soil tests have indicated that you are facing a nutrient deficiency or are dealing […]

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  • Have you “fungal-screened” your seed lot?

    Many reports over the course of the winter suggest that we can expect issues with the quality of cereals and pulses this spring, caused by the heavy rainfall and high moisture levels experienced during the summer and fall of 2016. The excessive moisture has made it challenging to control diseases and keep harvested seeds healthy. […]

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  • Primers in Action

    In spring of 2015, growers Connie Matson and Bernie Hullman were getting a late start to their canola seeding (May 19) and dealing with very dry conditions. I had the opportunity to work with them on a nutrient plan to get their canola crop off to the best possible start under those less than ideal […]

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  • Product Spotlight: Primers

    Harvesting more bushels on the same acreage over the years leads to a diminishing reserve of essential nutrients in the soil and to a lower nutrient density in the seed. Once grasslands, Western Canadian Prairie soils have been converted to agriculture, used for high value crops such as cereals, canola, pulses, potatoes and others. Crop […]

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  • Prepping for the Season: Thinking About Plant Nutrition

    As we inch closer to the first days of seeding, producers across Western Canada continue to think through critical decisions that may make or break the growing season. Plant nutrition is one of the single greatest factors in the success of developing plants, with the first 30 days of a crop’s growth being crucial for […]

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  • Have you pHix’d your water?

    Glyphosate is a herbicide with a low pH and its efficacy is reduced when mixed with hard water with a high pH, which is found in most of Western Canada. This is because hard water is positively-charged with ions that tie up the negatively-charged ions found in the glyphosate. pHix the problem!pHix lowers the pH of the […]

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  • Water Stress Conditions at Fungicide Timing

    As the canola starts to bolt and the wheat is getting to the flag leaf stage, the timing for Stress Reliever technology (in C3, P3 and Nutri-Boost) has passed. For application with fungicide, the best product choices for crops that are water stressed are: Canola – Extreme Water Stress Conditions – Standing Water or Waterlogged Soils Crop Stage Product […]

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  • Reduce Stress & Promote Maturity

    Now is the Time to Use OMEX Stress Reliever Technology with your Herbicide Application! Cereal and canola crops growing in Western Canada are being robbed of maturity – which impacts quality and yield – by many stressors this year, including: Herbicide application at this time can multiply the level of stress on the crop, often […]

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