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We’re known for our In-Season Solutions, but did you know that we have solutions for all four seasons?

As soon as winter hits, you can count on OMEX Isomex and Isoway RTU de-icing agents to keep your steps, sidewalks, driveways, walkways and runways free of hazardous ice and snow.

See how quickly OMEX Isomex quickly cuts through ice and snow:

Once your pathway has been cleared, use an OMEX de-icing agent periodically to keep it safe and ice-free. Isomex can also be applied before snowfall as a preventative measure to prevent buildup of ice and make shoveling easer. Please see instructions below for application guidelines.

Isoway RTU and Isomex are effective to -25°C (Isoway RTU) and < -50°C (Isomex). One liter of product covers 1000 sq. ft. at the higher rate of 30 ml per sq. ft.

These products are pet-friendly, safe for vegetation and lawns, and gentle on concrete when used as directed.


  • Apply Isomex 24–48 hours prior to a snowfall (a few hours before is optimal).
  • Isomex should be applied periodically after the walkways have been cleared to prevent re-freezing.


  • Shovel first.
  • Apply Isomex to melt thin layers of ice or snow.
  • If the ice layers are too thick re-application may be required.


  • Isoway RTU is a ready-to-use formula and available in a squeeze bottle. If using it from the 10L jug just fill the hand sprayer and apply.
  • Isomex is highly concentrated and can be used either straight or mixed in water to increase the spread.
  • Apply to sidewalks, steps, walkways, driveways and other traffic areas to prevent the bonding of snow and ice to surfaces.


  • Dry Powdery Snow: Shoveling or sweeping can be enough. The use of Isoway RTU or Isomex may not be required. However, de-icer can help if icy footprints are present.
  • Sleet/Freezing Rain: Apply Isoway RTUor Isomex early to prevent ice buildup.