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Testing your soil in preparation for seeding is an excellent way to determine the availability of macro and micronutrients critical to your crop’s growth and development. This will give you and your OMEX Plant Health Professional the information needed to make an informed decision as to what Omex Primer is needed to correct any nutrient deficiency and provide you with the best return on your investment in seed and fertilizer. For instance:

  • Primer Zn provides a small amount of Phosphorus that the seedling can live on until the root system is fully developed to access the soil-applied fertilizer band. It also provides Zinc, which is required for energy production, protein synthesis and is necessary for auxin production.
  • Primer Cu provides P, K and Zn plus Copper, which is utilized in chlorophyll function and influences carbohydrate and Nitrogen metabolic reactions.
  • Primer Mn provides P, K and Zn plus Manganese, which is critical in oxygen process during photosynthesis and influences the uptake and assimilation of other nutrients.
  • Pulse Primer provides Calcium, which is important to cell structure, cell elongation, cell membrane permeability and enhances nodulation and the establishment of the inoculum. Pulse Primer is Rhizobium-friendly.
  • Primer Canola is a balanced formulation with Phosphorus, Potassium and a series of micronutrients that are essential for the early-season growth and development of canola.

Omex Primers have been specially formulated to supplement the essential nutrients in the soil and get your crop off to a Stronger Start and Faster Finish!

Speak with an OMEX Plant Health Professional about maximizing your Return on Investment with Omex Primers