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With tightening budgets in today’s turf industry, “spoon feeding” fertilizer and nutrients has become commonplace to manage excess turf growth and the associated costs to maintain turf while also helping your business to operate in a more sustainable manner.

However, even while scaling back macronutrient application, it is important to make sure your turf has just the right amount of the right nutrients to maintain the health and appearance of your turf. Iron (Fe) is a micronutrient needed only in small amounts, but iron plays a critical role in photosynthesis, helping to keep turf dark green, healthy and thriving. Read more to learn about iron for healthy, well-managed turf.

Iron Deficiency in Turf

Iron is involved in chlorophyll development, energy transfer, metabolism and respiration in turf plants. It is also important for the structure and function of proteins and enzymes and can increase nitrogen fixation and use.

Chlorosis caused by iron deficiency limits the process of photosynthesis – by correcting this condition, photosynthesis is restored, and turf quality can be preserved. Iron is immobile in the plant, so a continuous supply is required to prevent chlorosis on the younger leaves.

Iron deficiency is known to occur in high pH soils, poorly aerated and/or drained soils and soils with high levels of metallic ions such as copper. Iron uptake can also be blocked by high levels of phosphorus in the soil.

Application of iron can also induce Manganese (Mn) deficiency, so it is a good practice to apply both micronutrients together to prevent imbalance.

How OMEX Can Help

Straightline is a 12-0-0 solution with 6% Fe and 4.25% Mn derived from sulfates of iron and manganese. Straightline is applied as a foliar spray and our most cost-effective solution for iron deficiency.

OMEX Fe is an EDTA chelated solution containing 5% Fe. OMEX Fe is typically used as a liquid application that will be drenched into the soil with irrigation. The EDTA chelation will limit tie-up of iron in the soil, keeping it available to the plant.

Many other OMEX products contain micronutrient packages including iron. Products such as Lucky 13, Balanceline and uPtaKe IC can be used to maintain a balanced foliar fertility program and keep your turf healthy.

Talk to Anseeuw Brothers Ltd., your OMEX Turf Retailer, to learn more about OMEX products and how incorporating iron in a balanced nutrition program can help to improve the health and appearance of your turf.

By: Stephanie Moskal and Jason Anseeuw