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The Zinc Biofortification Solution

ANALYSIS (10-0-0 WITH 9% ZN)

What is It?

  • Low salt index liquid foliar fertilizer with Nitrogen and high Zinc content.
  • Highly soluble and available form of Zinc.
  • The product is available in 10L jugs, 450L and 1000L IBC’s.

When & Why Use It?

  • On most crops grown in Canada as our soils and grains contain lower contents of Zinc.
  • Recommended for crops grown on high pH soils, sandy and light textured soils, high organic matter soils, heavy manured or limed land, heavy textured soils with high K or Mg and any soils showing low Zinc contents.
  • Use to prevent or correct Zinc deficiency, especially under cold wet conditions.
  • Use to improve grain quality and seed vigor.

What to Expect?

  • Foliar Advance Zn promotes cell growth, secondary root development, formation of new leaves, vigorous shoot growth and an improved stress tolerance.
  • Foliar Advance Zn prevents/corrects Zinc deficiency and increases Zinc content in the tissues.
  • When applied at the milk/soft dough stage in cereals, Foliar Advance Zn increases the Zinc and protein content of the grain.
  • The increase in Zn content automatically decreases Cd content especially in durum wheat and flax.
  • Excellent response to Zinc by pulse crops, oilseeds and cereals.

Size Options



Application Guidelines

  • Early vegetative stages: 0.5–1.0 L/ ac
  • Late reproductive stages: 1.0–2.0 L/ ac
  • Can be combined with pesticides application (see compatibility charts).


2018 Heavy clay – Manitoba
2016 Heavy clay – Manitoba
2005 source: Ozturk et all., 2005 (Harvest Plus)
Low Zinc
High Zinc
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