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Territory Manager, Central Alberta


Phone: 780-887-8453

Fax: 204-477-4057

This is TJ West. He comes from a farming background and has had a successful career in the Ag industry prior to joining OMEX in 2013. He is a straight shooter, offering a wide array of knowledge and agronomic expertise, and lays out the facts to help farmers make good agriculture decisions. TJ is a passionate Edmonton Oilers fan, and enjoys catching the game live at Roger Place.

Latest News

  • Essential nutrients to prevent crop lodging.

    While there isn’t a specific set of essential nutrients solely dedicated to preventing crop lodging, providing crops with a well-balanced and appropriate supply of essential nutrients can indirectly help reduce the risk of lodging by promoting sturdy stem growth and overall plant health. Here are key nutrients and their roles in promoting stronger plant structures, […]

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  • Pollination and role of Calcium and Boron

    Pollination is a crucial biological process in plant reproduction where pollen from the male part (anthers) of a flower is transferred to the female part (stigma) of the same or a different flower, resulting in the formation of seeds and fruits. Pollination can occur through various agents such as wind, water, insects, birds, and other […]

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  • Plant growth regulators and their role in growth and development and maturity

    Plant growth regulators, also known as phytohormones, are naturally occurring chemical compounds that play pivotal roles in regulating various aspects of plant growth, development, and maturation. These hormones are produced within the plant in minute quantities but have significant effects on plant processes. Here are some key plant growth regulators and their roles in plant […]

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