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Territory Manager, Manitoba


Phone: 204-981-5491

Fax: 204-477-4057

Rob Hinton was born and raised in the Municipal District of Wainwright in Central Alberta on a mixed farm. He spent most of his life in Ag retail and knows the ins and outs of that segment of the industry. In his past experience, Rob used and sold OMEX products and knows full well their performance and will share with you his own observations. Just ask him!  He goes above and beyond to service his customers in a timely fashion to ensure products are received when needed. In his spare time, Rob is a fishing enthusiast and enjoys spending time camping with his wife and sons.

Latest News

  • Pop-up Starter Fertilizer

    Pop-up starter fertilizers, often referred to as “starter fertilizers” or “pop-up fertilizers,” are nutrient-rich mixtures applied to the soil near the seed at the time of planting to provide essential nutrients to young seedlings during early stages of growth. These fertilizers are designed to enhance seedling establishment, promote root development, and support early growth, ultimately […]

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  • Plant nutrient involved in maturity and ripening

    The process of maturity and ripening in plants involves complex biochemical and physiological changes, influenced by various plant nutrients. Different nutrients play specific roles in the maturation and ripening of fruits and other plant organs. Here are some key plant nutrients involved in the maturity and ripening processes: Ethylene: Calcium (Ca): Potassium (K): Phosphorus (P): […]

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  • Cobalt’s role in plant growth and development

    Cobalt (Co) is considered a beneficial element for some plants rather than an essential nutrient. While it is not a universally recognized essential nutrient for all plant species, certain plants, particularly legumes, have been shown to benefit from cobalt. Here’s an overview of the potential roles of cobalt in plant growth and development, especially in […]

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