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Territory Manager, Southern Alberta & Peace Region


Phone: 403-350-5838

Fax: 204-477-4057

Andrew Tetz is OMEX’s newest Alberta Territory Manager. He is a Certified Crop Advisor with over 30 years’ experience in the agriculture industry. He owns and operates a mixed farm with his son in Central Alberta, and is forward thinking on how he can improve soil and crop health, which in turn improves his farm. Andrew is excited to have joined OMEX and is eager to continue to improve the Ag industry by providing tangible solutions to farmers.

Latest News

  • Fungal Screen on Seed

    A fungal seed screen, also known as a seed health test, is a diagnostic procedure used to assess the presence and abundance of fungal pathogens or fungi-associated issues in seeds. This screening is essential for evaluating seed quality and ensuring that seeds are free from harmful fungi that can affect germination, seedling vigor, and crop […]

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  • Nutrient status and disease resistance or tolerance

    The nutrient status of a plant is closely related to its disease resistance or tolerance. Adequate and balanced nutrient levels in plants are essential for a strong immune system and the ability to resist diseases or tolerate stress. Here’s how nutrient status affects disease resistance and tolerance in plants: Overall Plant Health: Immune System Activation: […]

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  • Plant nutrients involved in reproduction and flowering

    Reproduction and flowering in plants are crucial stages of the plant life cycle and involve specific nutrients to support these processes. Proper nutrition is essential for healthy flower and seed development. Here are the key plant nutrients involved in reproduction and flowering: Phosphorus (P): Potassium (K): Calcium (Ca): Magnesium (Mg): Sulfur (S): Boron (B): Iron […]

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