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Growing Plants will Never Run Out of Essential Micronutrients

ANALYSIS (0-3-3 WITH 3.0% ZN, 2.0% MN, 1.0% CU, 0.5 % FE)

What is It?

  • MicroCharger is a supplementary source of micronutrients including Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Iron.
  • For use at seeding or throughout the growing season.

When & Why Use It?

  • MicroCharger is used to protect plants and stimulate continuous development of the root system throughout the plant lifecycle.
  • MicroCharger should be used on the basis of a soil and/or tissue analysis on all types of soils and crops and through the foliage in a high volume of water to correct or prevent micronutrient deficiencies.

What to Expect?

  • More effective nutrient uptake compared to plants treated with a single element leading to less micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Helps preserve yield and prevent deficiencies.
  • Contribute in keeping the crop healthy.

Application Guidelines

  • Apply at 1 L/acre when “seeding”.
  • MicroCharger may also be sprayed on the granular fertilizer blend at 0.5 L/acre.
  • MicroCharger may also be mixed with liquid fertilizer at 1 L/acre.
  • Always perform a “jar test” to determine compatibility before mixing.

*MicroCharger is a trademark of OMEX Agriculture Inc.

Nutrient deficiencies that can be corrected using MicroCharger™

A– Zinc deficiency in corn
B– Copper deficiency in wheat
C– Manganese deficiency in wheat
D– Iron chlorosis in Soy
E– Manganese deficiency in Chickpeas
F– Manganese deficient in canola
G– Copper deficiency in wheat

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