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Earlier Seeding. Better Root System.
Hastened Maturity


What is It?

  • Seed dressing for application onto soybeans seed prior to seeding.
  • Unique formulation with high concentrations of calcium.
  • The Gel Rheology Technology™ keeps the highly concentrated product suspended and helps with seed adhesion and drying out.
  • It is Rhizobium-friendly and safe to use with all commercially available liquid and dry inoculants in Canada.
  • Low inclusion rate.
  • The product is available in 10L jugs, 450L and 1000L IBC’s.

When & Why Use It?

  • Cold, wet conditions or when seeding into dry top soil.
  • Heavy manured land.
  • Light-textured soils and high Magnesium soils.
  • Soil with a history of high Nitrogen application.

What to Expect?

  • Better root growth and early-season establishment.
  • Early seeding.
  • Better nodulation.
  • Hastened maturity.

Size Options



Application Guidelines

  • Apply Primer Soybean at 1 ml/kg of seed at or prior to planting.
  • Primers can be used alone or in combination with inoculants and seed treatments. Check the best option for your targeted combinations (see compatibility charts).
  • If required, Primer Soybean can be diluted with water for a more uniform distribution onto the seed.


2018 Heavy clay – Manitoba
2017 Heavy clay – Manitoba
2014 Heavy Clay (Oakville, MB)
Left: UTC, Right: Primer Soybeans®

Omex treatment hastened maturity over the bare seed check by 2–3 days
Yield was higher than in the untreated check (40 bu/ac) in the treatment with Primer Soybean® (45 bu/ac); First 30 Days® (46 bu/ac); Final 30 Days® (47 bu/ac)
Plants were taller in the plots treated with Omex allowing more pods, thus the yield advantage

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