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Preventing nutrients deficiencies at each stage of a plants growth is crucial in preserving a crops yield potential. Below is a  plant growth illustration along with the OMEX product recommedation for each stage of growth for peas. A similar combination can be used on lentils, chickpeas, fababeans, dry beans and alfalfa.


OMEX product rates, specifically formulated for Peas:

Seed DressingPulse Primer/ Pulse PakSeed dressing/coating3ml/Kg
Starter FertilizerStarter PSeed placed (in furrow)3-5 US gal/ac
Foliar ApplicationP3/C3Herbicide; after hailP3- 0.25L/ac
C3- 1L/ac
NutriboostHerbicide; after hail1.5-2L/ac
Liquid K with KHerbicide2L/ac
Zintake + SRTHerbicide1L/ac
uPtaKe 5-25-5Early flowering stage1-2L/ac
Super BEarly flowering with Fungicide; after hail0.5-1L/ac
CytokelpEarly flowering with Fungicide162ml/ac (80 ac/case)

Visual Guide of Deficiencies in Peas:

Zinc deficiency in peasMissing seeds in the pod from boron deficiencyPhosphorus deficiency in chickpeas
Product to address deficiency:
OMEX Zn; Zintake
Product to address deficiency:
Super B or KB78
Product to address deficiency: Nutriboost; uPtaKe IC 5-25-5