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Nutrient Benefits


High Fe levels can reduce the availability of:

  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc


  • Fe increases nitrogen fixation and use


  • Chlorophyll development and function
  • Plays a role in energy transfer
  • Important for structure of proteins and enzymes
  • Involved in nitrogen fixation

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Young leaves will show interveinal chlorosis with green veins
  • Stunted growth
  • Yellowing of leaves (margins and tips can scorch) will appear later in season
  • Reduced yield and quantity

Factors Affecting Availability

  • High pH soils
  • After heavy liming
  • Soils with high levels of metallic ions
  • Poorly drained and/or aerated soils
  • Soils with high levels of Cu
  • Soils with low K availability, especially when associated with high K levels
  • High N-NO3

Sensitive Crops

  • Vines, fruit crops, stone fruit, citrus fruit, field peas, beans, cereals, blueberries, soybeans


The following OMEX products can assist with addressing and correcting Iron deficiency:

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