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Starter fertilizers get crops off to a great start by providing nutrition that might not otherwise be available due to cold, wet spring seeding conditions. The result is vigorous plants that establish quickly and are better able to compete with weeds, tolerate early-season stresses, pests and diseases.

Starters contain a supply of nutrients, strategically placed as close to the seed as possible. As seeds sprout, seedlings can quickly access these nutrients in a readily available form. Monitored R&D trials using various crops (canola, wheat, flax) revealed that the roots with Starter P in-furrow were three to four days ahead in their growth and development than those without a starter.

The boost of nutrition provided by the starter fertilizer stimulates root growth and development, allowing roots to tap into side-banded fertilizer and moisture quicker. Once the roots reach the granules of side-banded fertilizer, a massive difference is observed in terms of the above ground biomass.

Phosphorus, important for promoting root growth and development, is immobile in the soil and difficult for seedlings to take in under cold and/or wet soil conditions. By placing phosphorus very close to the root tip, the seedling can absorb what it needs to build a strong, well-branched root system. This can be achieved with a liquid starter fertilizer such as Starter P.

Starter P is formulated specifically for use in-furrow with a high phosphorus content – 60% ortho-phosphate, which the seedling can access immediately, and 40% poly-phosphate, which becomes available as the soil warms up. Starter P supplements a well-balanced soil fertility program and can be combined with other fertilizer mixes and, if soil tests indicate a micronutrient deficiency, it can be used with OMEX EDTA/EDDHA-chelated micronutrients (Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe) to provide a full nutrition package at seeding.

If your equipment is not set up to use liquid, or you prefer using a granular starter, consider coating your dry PKS blends with Perfuze, an easy to use liquid suspension offered in various analyses to correct specific micronutrient deficiencies in the soil. Perfuze is formulated with MDS (Micronutrient Delivery System) Technology™ to allow a more even distribution of micronutrients in the field, giving roots better access to nutrition.

Whether you choose a liquid or a granular, using a starter will get your crop off to a strong start with a promising finish in sight. Talk to your retailer or OMEX sales representative for more information on making OMEX Starters part of your crop nutrition plan.