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Territory Manager, Eastern Saskatchewan


Phone: 306-726-7540

Fax: 204-477-4057

Tim Palmer has been with OMEX for over 10 years. Born and raised in Saskatchewan to a family deep rooted in farming, Tim was one the first farmers who tested OMEX products on their operation. He had a successful career at various retail and line companies before joining OMEX, earning him a trustworthy reputation in the industry and among farmers. If you are looking for agronomical advice and practical experience Tim is your guy. He is fun to be around and a great guy to enjoy a good laugh with.

Latest News

  • Make the Best of Your Crop Desiccation

    Harvest 2020 is right around the corner and the memories of “Hellvest 19” are still a little too raw. While nature’s plans for Harvest 2020 remain to be seen, ensuring an adequate and timely dry down of the crop is crucial for a smooth harvest in any year. Hard water and high pH can reduce […]

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  • Free Up Your Phosphorus

    Broadcasting fertilizer is a practice commonly used to maximize soil fertility, with advantages for managing the seeding operation early in the spring. However, this practice is detrimental to the efficiency of phosphorus, as it exposes it to either run-off in wet springs or, early tie-up or both. In this post we will examine the factors […]

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  • De-Stress with OMEX Stress Reliever Technology™

    As seeding begins to wind down across the Prairies, producers are setting their sights on the next stages of crop production and keeping their collective eye out for factors that can cause stress to vulnerable emerging plants. Stress brought on by weather, soil conditions, moisture (excess or insufficient), insects, diseases and herbicide application can ultimately […]

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