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Territory Manager, Eastern Saskatchewan


Phone: 306-726-7540

Fax: 204-477-4057

Tim Palmer has been with OMEX for over 10 years. Born and raised in Saskatchewan to a family deep rooted in farming, Tim was one the first farmers who tested OMEX products on their operation. He had a successful career at various retail and line companies before joining OMEX, earning him a trustworthy reputation in the industry and among farmers. If you are looking for agronomical advice and practical experience Tim is your guy. He is fun to be around and a great guy to enjoy a good laugh with.

Latest News

  • Seed treatments and seed dressings to control disease and promote germination and emergence

    Seed treatments and dressings play a crucial role in protecting seeds from diseases, pests, and environmental stressors while promoting germination and healthy emergence of seedlings. They enhance seedling vigor and establish a strong start for the plant, which is essential for crop success. Here are common seed treatments and dressings used for disease control and […]

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  • Sugar transport and grain fill

    Sugar transport and grain fill are crucial processes in plants, especially in cereal crops like wheat, corn, rice, and barley, where sugars produced during photosynthesis are transported and utilized to fill and develop grains. This process is fundamental for achieving optimal grain yield and quality. Here’s an overview of how sugar transport contributes to grain […]

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  • Interaction between boron and potassium

    Interaction between boron and potassium Boron (B) and potassium (K) are both essential nutrients for plants, and they interact in various ways to influence plant growth, development, and overall health. Here’s an overview of the interaction between boron and potassium in plants: 1. Boron Uptake and Mobility: 2. Cell Wall Structure and Integrity: 3. Water […]

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