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Research Associate

Meet Bernhard (Bernie) Jungreithmeier, one of our Research Associate’s here are OMEX. Bernie originally joined OMEX back in 2017 as a research trial assistant during his time in university. Upon completion of his degree, he joined OMEX full time and has been tasked with setting up, maintaining and collecting data from our field research trials. Bernie is originally from Austria, but has been living here in Canada for over 10 years. He speaks 3 different languages (English, German and Spanish), and in his spare time can be found fencing, wresting or tending to his pet snake, Udon.

Latest News

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    Crop tolerance to excessive heat and wide temperature fluctuations, often referred to as heat tolerance, is crucial for ensuring crop productivity in regions prone to high temperatures and erratic temperature variations. Heat stress can adversely affect various plant processes, leading to reduced growth, yield losses, and impaired quality. Developing crops that can endure high temperatures […]

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