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CEO and R&D Director

Phone: 204-477-4052

Abdel ElHadrami has been with OMEX for over 10 years. He joined the company back in 2010 to spearhead the R&D Department. He is currently the CEO and R&D Director of the company. Abdel grew up on a mixed farm where his family grew and still grow cereals, corn and pulses. He became fascinated with plants and pathogens and how they interact with one another. Through deciphering the pathways involved during these interactions, Abdel quickly realized the importance that certain key nutrients play in keeping plants healthy and reducing the incidence of diseases. No wonder he is drawn to fertilizers and plant health! When he is not at work, Abdel likes to enjoy a good read, cook for friends and family or go for a long jog.

Latest News

  • Calcium effect on Kochia and Thistle

    Calcium, an essential plant nutrient, can influence the growth and health of various plants, including weeds like Kochia and thistle. However, calcium does not act as a selective herbicide to control these weeds directly. Instead, its effects are more related to plant health and vigor, which indirectly impacts the growth and competitiveness of weeds. Here’s […]

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  • Plant nutrients interaction with sucking and chewing insects

    Plant nutrient levels and their interactions with both sucking and chewing insects can influence the susceptibility of plants to infestations and the extent of damage caused. Proper nutrient management is essential for optimizing plant defenses and minimizing insect damage. Here’s how plant nutrients can interact with sucking and chewing insects: Interaction with Sucking Insects: Interaction […]

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