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To lead the market in the development and the manufacturing of the most innovative line of plant nutrition products, designed from science to improve plant health and performance, for the agriculture and horticulture industry.

Get “Primed” for the season ahead!

Unpredictable weather can bring us an unusually low or high snow cover. Ensure your seeds hit the ground running no matter what mother nature throws there way by using an OMEX seed Primer. Primers provide seedlings with the nutrition they need from germination through to the 3-5 leaf stage, when the root system is fully developed. Crops emerge faster, stronger, more resilient and on-track to maturity. 

Have you booked your OMEX Starter?

Liquid starters give developing seeds a boost of readily available nutrition in the seed row – providing nutrients like copper, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and zinc to aid with early root establishment, advanced crop maturity and good overall plant health. If your soil tests have indicated that you are facing a nutrient deficiency or are dealing with other less than ideal conditions, you should consider using a starter.

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