Free Up Your Phosphorus

Broadcasting fertilizer is a practice commonly used to maximize soil fertility, with advantages for managing the seeding operation early in the spring. However, this practice is detrimental to the efficiency of phosphorus, as it exposes it to either run-off in wet springs or, early tie-up or both. In this post we will examine the factors that can impair or improve phosphorus availability for uptake by plants.

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The water quality conundrum for burn-off and in-season spray

When it comes to spraying foliar fertilizers to aid crop growth, or spraying pesticides to control weeds, diseases, and insects; sprayer operators and farmers pay close attention to various factors affecting product performance. These factors may include the calibration of the equipment, application timing, label instructions and to some extent, the water volume. However, oftentimes hardly any attention is paid to water quality – even though water comprises over 95% of the spray solution.

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Nutrient Management Programs

The most critical stage in establishing a plant’s yield potential is in The First 30 Days®. Start your season off strong.

The FINAL 30 Days® consists of nutritional management programs to enhance fill and quality of grain and oilseed crops.