Know Your Nutrients

Growing Crops in Below Average Moisture – part 2

As we learned in part one of this series, using primers to encourage strong, deep roots is critical under periods of extended heat and low-moisture. However, it’s also important to continue providing the crop with a proactive nutrition plan, particularly during periods of stress.

To continue to support the root system, Dr. Abdel El Hadrami, CEO and R & D Director for OMEX Agriculture Inc. recommends applying liquid foliar fertilizer (foliars) throughout the growing season. This will supply the plant with enough energy to continue searching deeper into the soil for the moisture and minerals required to grow and thrive.

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Growing Crops in Below Average Moisture – Part 1

Winter 2017–18 was cold, with little snow fall, and spring has begun as a very dry season with many predicting another drought year. Call it climate change, global warming, or any other term you prefer, but our growing conditions across the prairies are becoming hotter and drier.

The change in weather patterns, especially rainfall, is exposing many regions around the world to drought conditions. According to the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC): “…potential negative impacts include changes in the timing of precipitation, more intense precipitation events, the emergence of new pests, and, especially, the increased frequency and intensity of droughts.”

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Nutrient Management Programs

The most critical stage in establishing a plant’s yield potential is in The First 30 Days®. Start your season off strong.

The FINAL 30 Days® consists of nutritional management programs to enhance fill and quality of grain and oilseed crops.