Slug & Snail Killer (SSK)

Analysis (ferric Sodium Edta 6.0%)

Safer’s® Slug & Snail Killer is a unique formulation that increases palatability by slugs and snails for quick, effective control. It kills a variety of slugs and many species of snails. Safer’s® Slug & Snail Killer does not contain Metaldehyde which can be harmful to pets, birds and wildlife. It offers DOUBLE THE COVERAGE of the leading Iron Phosphate killer, plus, it’s less expensive and more cost effective than any other brand!

How It Works

  • Safer’s® Slug & Snail Killer uses Ferric Sodium Hydroxy EDTA and a highly palatable blend of carbohydrates that act as a bait to lure in slugs and snails. It functions as a contact and stomach poison to ensure that feeding stops immediately after the bait is eaten. Slugs and snails will crawl away to hide and die leaving no visible slime trails. Safer’s® Slug & Snail Killer remains effective for up to 14 days, even after rain and watering.
  • The concentrated iron granules are easy to apply, and have been proven by an independent study to be preferred over live plants as a source of food by slugs and snails. Safer’s® Slug & Snail Killer offers double the coverage of the leading Iron Phosphate slug and snail killer, and has been proven more effective than Metaldehyde formulations.

Effective Against

  • A wide variety of damaging slugs and snails.

For Use On

  • Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse fruit, vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, shade trees, ornamentals, flowers and shrub.

Application Guidelines

  • Application rate is 11-12 kg per hectare for a variety of fruits, vegetables & other field crops.

* Safer’s Slug & Snail Killer is trademarked by Woodstream Corporation. Safer’s Slug & Snail Killer is distributed in Canada by Woodstream Canada Corporation | 25 Bramtree Court, Unit 1 | Brampton, Ontario | 800-387-6678

How Edta Compares To The Competition
More effective than Metaldehyde formulations.
Third party field tests show less leaf damage than Iron Phosphate formulations.
Double the coverage versus the leading Iron Phosphate formulation.
Less expensive and more cost effective than any other leading Slug & Snail Killer brand!
Sodium Ferric Edta Facts
Powerful Bait that is highly attractive to slugs and snails.
Patented formulation works as a contact and stomach poison to ensure feeding stops immediately.
Lasts for up to 14 days.
Will not harm beneficial insects.
Remains effective after rain.
Easy to apply granules.
When concentrated iron is ingested by slug/snail, it interferes with their digestive process and makes them stop eating immediately. They go to a safe hiding place and die.
Works on a variety of crops.

Percent of Snail Mortality on Lettuce

Chart showing a significant increase in snail mortality with SSK
*Data is from Efficacy of Experimental Compounds Compared to Industry Standards Field Test