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Kick Up the Yield Potential in Your Crop

Analysis (12-6-24 + Micros)

What Is it?

  • High-quality suspension of NPK with a guaranteed analysis of 12-6-24 and an essential micro-package.
  • Low salt index liquid foliar fertilizer.
  • Excellent source of potassium among others.
  • The product is available in 10L jugs, 450L and 1000L IBC’s.

When & Why Use It?

  • K Kicker improves N uptake under poor conditions i.e., cool/wet sandy soils, saturated heavy soils, shallow roots or at later stages in the season.
  • K Kicker is highly recommended on light, sandy soil, organic soils, soils with excessive levels of Mg or Ca and K fixing soils.

The Solution

  • K Kicker reduces the effect of early season stress and provides the additional Nitrogen needed at the peak of demand.
  • Foliar application of K Kicker keeps the crop greener longer, optimizing photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.
  • The high level of Potassium in K Kicker keeps water use efficiency at its highest, which translates into an optimal translocation of carbohydrate and nutrients to the sink and a yield advantage.

Application Guidelines

  • Apply K Kicker at 1-2 L/ac in a spraying volume of 5-10 US gal of water.
  • Can be combined with other fertilizer mixes and pesticides (see compatibility charts).
  • K Kicker is suitable for all major field and horticultural crops and vegetables. These include cereals (wheat, barley, oats, corn), oilseeds (canola, mustard, flax), pulses (peas, chickpea, lentils, beans), tuber and root crops.


K deficiency
K Kicker on a variety of crops.
Potassium deficiency in wheat, canola and potatoes that could be corrected with K Kicker.