pHix Water ConditionerGlyphosate is a herbicide with a low pH and its efficacy is reduced when mixed with hard water with a high pH, which is found in most of Western Canada. This is because hard water is positively-charged with ions that tie up the negatively-charged ions found in the glyphosate.

pHix the problem!
pHix lowers the pH of the water (to a pH of 3) and softens the water. Without the positive charged ions (calcium, magnesium or iron) in the hard water to tie up the glyphosate, we see more effectiveness of the herbicide and better burn down.

pHix and glyphosate on foxtail barley

Ammonium sulphate is often used with glyphosate applications. The advantages of pHix over ammonium sulphate are:

  • pHix lowers the pH significantly more.
  • Less volume of product required, a 10L jug can treat up to 400 acres based on a spraying volume of 5 gal/ac.
  • Reduced risk of leaf burn.
  • The cost of pHix is very reasonable, priced at $0.45.acre at 5 gal/ac water application.

For more information on how water quality affects herbicide efficacy Read this article from Oregon State University

pHix should not be used in-crop on RR canola, RR soybeans, etc. In these cases, we recommend C3, P3 or SuperMn+ to be applied with the glyphosate.

Speak with an OMEX Plant Health Professional about including pHix from OMEX in your 2013 Glyphosate Spray Program.