Now is the Time to Use OMEX Stress Reliever Technology with your Herbicide Application!

Cereal and canola crops growing in Western Canada are being robbed of maturity - which impacts quality and yield - by many stressors this year, including:

  • Nutri-BoostToo wet soil conditions;
  • Too dry soil conditions;
  • Colder than normal soils at seeding;
  • C3Cold spring air temperatures;
  • Spring frosts in many areas;
  • Reduced soil applied fertilizer applications;
  • No pre-burn application.

Herbicide application at this time can multiply the level of stress on the crop, often causing the plants to stop growing as they focus energy on metabolizing the chemical so it can live. By boosting the metabolism and the vigour of the plant through foliar feeding during herbicide application, the plant is better equipped to handle these multiple stresses.

Each product in the Omex Stress Reliever Line-up is formulated with balanced N-P-K, Micro Nutrient and Stress Reliever packages. With the unique formulation properties of these products, the Stress Reliever Technology promotes stronger, faster, healthier root growth to support greater yield potential.

Under stressful conditions, fields where C3 or Nutri-Boost were applied, the crop has shown more plant height and development, faster bolting, earlier flowering and improved maturity. Crops that flower earlier are usually ahead of the heat stress of mid-summer. Improved maturity, of even a few days, can make a very significant difference on the quality of the crop on those years where we have a shortened frost-free growing season.

Absorption of foliar nutrition through the leaf of N, P and K is very effective and efficient, as uptake through the leaf is quicker than through the root and it takes less energy and plant resources.

C3 and Nutri-Boost products have been specifically developed By Omex in Western Canada for Western Canadian Crops in Western Canadian conditions!

Speak with an OMEX Plant Health Professional about reducing stress and promoting maturity with C3 and Nutri-Boost.