Omex Stress Reliever Technology™ at herbicide time helps your crop recover faster!

Environmental STRESS affects crops growth and development on so many levels. It hampers their ability to take up nutrients, grow, set flowers and attain their genetic potential. More importantly it impacts crop maturity, which negatively reduce yield and quality.

Whether your crop is facing:

C3 P3

  • Chemical Stress;
  • Wet or dry soil conditions;
  • Cold soils at seeding;
  • Cold spring air temperatures;
  • Spring frosts;
  • Shortage of soil-applied fertilizer;
  • No pre-burn application.

OMEX products C3, Nutri-Boost (all crops), and P3 (pulses), formulated with our Stress Reliever Technology™, is here to:

  • Tank mix with commonly used herbicides or fungicides;
  • Prevent the crop from stalling early in the spring;
  • Help boost the metabolism and plants’ vigor;
  • Promote a stronger, faster and healthier root system to preserve yield potential;
  • Support faster bolting, earlier flowering and improved maturity. Crops that flower earlier are usually ahead of the heat stress of mid-summer.

Crops with improved maturity, of even a few days, can make a very significant difference on the quality of the crop and its merchantability.