Testing your soil in preparation for seeding is an excellent way to determine the availability of macro and micronutrients critical to your crop's growth and development. This will give you and your OMEX Plant Health Professional the information needed to make an informed decision as to what Omex Primer is needed to correct any nutrient deficiency and provide you with the best return on your investment in seed and fertilizer. For instance:

Conditions have moved from WET to EXTREME WET in many areas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba with water stressed crops showing purpling & yellowing, reduced metabolism and delayed maturity. Growers who are determined to push their crop through this stress are looking for a plan to salvage yield potential, quality and maturity.

Micronutrients are required in minute quantities but are essential for healthy plant growth and yield maximization. Macronutrients, secondary nutrients and micronutrients must all be in balance. While needed in smaller amounts, micronutrients can play a huge role in crop physiology. There are several benefits of adding micronutrients to your fertility program.

C3Flea beetles are a problem for emerging canola crops in some areas of Manitoba this year. Spraying for flea beetle control can prevent further damage but the plant will already be weakened from the insect eating the above ground growth.

You can help your crop rebound from this damage by adding 1 litre of C3 and 1/3 litre of SuperB to the insecticide spray solution. The C3 boosts the metabolism of the damaged canola seedlings to get them growing, while the Boron in SuperB acts as a healer/sealer for the chewed plant.

Omex Stress Reliever Technology™ at herbicide time helps your crop recover faster!

Environmental STRESS affects crops growth and development on so many levels. It hampers their ability to take up nutrients, grow, set flowers and attain their genetic potential. More importantly it impacts crop maturity, which negatively reduce yield and quality.

Now is the Time to Use OMEX Stress Reliever Technology with your Herbicide Application!

Cereal and canola crops growing in Western Canada are being robbed of maturity - which impacts quality and yield - by many stressors this year, including:

As the canola starts to bolt and the wheat is getting to the flag leaf stage, the timing for Stress Reliever technology (in C3, P3 and Nutri-Boost) has passed. For application with fungicide, the best product choices for crops that are water stressed are:

pHix Water ConditionerGlyphosate is a herbicide with a low pH and its efficacy is reduced when mixed with hard water with a high pH, which is found in most of Western Canada. This is because hard water is positively-charged with ions that tie up the negatively-charged ions found in the glyphosate.

pHix the problem!
pHix lowers the pH of the water (to a pH of 3) and softens the water. Without the positive charged ions (calcium, magnesium or iron) in the hard water to tie up the glyphosate, we see more effectiveness of the herbicide and better burn down.