Start the Season with Perfuze

The availability of micronutrients in the soil during the First 30 Days can play a critical role in preserving a crop’s final yield potential. Get the growing season off to a strong start with a better distribution of micronutrients in the field and reap the benefits at harvest!

OMEX’s Perfuze is a highly-concentrated liquid suspension designed to coat your dry NPKS blends for an even distribution of micronutrients across the field. This product is a cost-effective, efficient choice to apply micronutrients to high pH soils, soils with high concentrations of organic matter, sandy soils and other conditions which can restrict the availability of nutrients. Various analyses are available to meet the specific needs of your field.

The ideal application rate will vary depending on your crop, soil deficiencies and NPKS blend broadcasting or banding application rate. To achieve best results, an OMEX Territory Manager will provide a calculator for Perfuze to determine the optimal application rate.

To apply Perfuze to a dry blend, simply measure the required amount of product and add it to mix for 30 seconds. Developed with OMEX’s Micronutrient Delivery System (MDS) Technology™, Perfuze evenly coats each fertilizer granule, helps to reduce dust during blending and dries quickly, leaving the blender clean.

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to coat your dry blends with Perfuze and start the 2018 growing season with a better distribution of micronutrients in the field!