Nutrient Management Programs

The First 30 Days

The most critical stage in establishing a plant’s yield potential is in The First 30 Days®.

The First 30 Days® program was developed by Omex Plant Health Professionals to provide you with the nutritional options and assistance you need to create a nutrient program tailored to the specific needs of your farm and crop choices.

The Final 30 Days

The FINAL 30 Days® consists of nutritional management programs to enhance fill and quality of grain and oilseed crops.

We have developed customized solutions to enhance seed nutrient content for more nutritious grain and enhanced oil content in oilseed crops. Continued research into enhanced diseased control with nutrition in conjunction with fungicides is a key area of focus in all crops in Canada and the US. The FINAL 30 Days® continues to focus on solving crop production issues as they evolve. Healthy plants generate better yields and ultimately better returns.