OMEX Agriculture Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Simone Faucher as a Sales Support Assistant. With her farming background, her major in Agronomy and experience from within the Ag Industry Simone had gained an incredible experience that will serve well our valued customers during the growing season and beyond. She is also no stranger to customers and products support and service and will alongside Amanda help all and each one of you for sales activities.

Joining OMEX the month we are celebrating 40 years in business in 65 countries, Simone will continue her success providing service to our clients and partners in business across the nation. “The addition of Simone to our Omex team testifies to our continuous effort and commitment to deliver on our promise to bring you value for making Omex your plant health partner. We are thrilled to have skilled and knowledgeable personnel, who have a passion for helping and supporting their community, service you on a daily basis.” said Abdel ElHadrami, CEO.

“I heard great things about OMEX in my farming community, which made me more inquisitive in knowing more about the company when I saw the Ad for this position. I have an appetite for learning and crops always intrigued me and that’s why I have chosen Agronomy for my schooling. I’m proud to have joined this vibrant group of individuals with a common passion to service the farmers community.” stated Simone.

Amanda Fabris, Office & Marketing Manager commented “We are thrilled to welcome Simone to our team; she takes professionalism and service to a whole new level with her keen eye to details, multitasking and performance in our fast-paced environment. I am eager to closely work with her to service our customers with agronomy advices and solutions to their farming challenges.”

Doug Grandel, National Sales Manager “Speaking on behalf of the sales team, we are delighted to know that we can rely on a skilled and knowledgeable individual such as Simone to address our customers’ needs and inquiries.”

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