Meet Alieshia Hoffman

This is Alieshia Hoffman, but we like to call her Alie. She is a Production Assistant, and coordinates orders as they come in, ensuring bottling is done on time, and that all packaging is labelled and palletized accurately before the trucks arrive for pick up. Outside of work, Alie enjoys doing scavenger hunts with her 3 children.

Meet Summer Reigh Green

Meet Summer Reigh Green! She has been with OMEX since May 2021, and has likely helped you out if you’ve ever called the office. This marketing and social media wiz has a keen eye on understanding your needs and constantly improving our standards to meet them. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Summer be sure to ask her about her 20 unique tattoos! Each of them tells an interesting story about her.  In her spare time, she can be found at the nearest Starbuck sipping back the season’s newest caffeinated beverage, or binge watching the latest season of White Collar with her boyfriend Mack.

Meet Kennedy Appah

Kennedy Appah joined OMEX in 2016 as a Research Associate. He is a key contributor to the Research and Development department, and trial sites here at OMEX. With the corporate vision in mind, Kennedy is passionate about plant health and defining crop production. He uses his positive energy to contribute to the team, and is sure to share with you his exciting findings from this year’s latest trial experiments. In his free time, Kennedy likes to hike, explore nature, and share a good laugh with family and friends.

Meet Sharline McKenzie

This is Sharline McKenzie, but most people call her Shar. She has been the Production Assistant-Supervisor in the OMEX Canada manufacturing facility since April 2019. Most people don’t know this, but she is an avid collector of all things Mickey Mouse, including a wide array of water-globes.  In her spare time, you can find her playing defense on her ringette team, Krazy Kats. Fitting name, isn’t it?

Meet Amanda Fabris

This is Amanda Fabris, OMEX’s Office and Marketing Manager. She has been with OMEX for over 12 years, and is the operational lead that keeps OMEX running like a well-oiled machine.  Amanda grew up on a small acreage just outside Southport, Manitoba, so agriculture is in her “roots”.  In her spare time, she enjoys downhill skiing, going to the cottage and spending time making memories with her husband and son.