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This is TJ West. He comes from a farming background and has had a successful career in the Ag industry prior to joining OMEX in 2013. He is a straight shooter, offering a wide array of knowledge and agronomic expertise, and laying out the facts to help farmers making good agriculture decisions. TJ is a passionate Edmonton Oilers fan, and enjoys catching the game live at Roger Place.

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Copper Deficiency is Common in Western Canada


Copper (Cu) is a micronutrient which is only needed in trace amounts, but is involved in several key plant actions, including photosynthesis, nitrogen utilization, protein production and water regulation. Copper deficiency is becoming more widespread across Western Canada, limiting a crop’s growth and reducing yield potential. In this post we will examine the role of copper in the plant, consequences of copper deficiency and solutions to provide cu to your crop.

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Primed for the Season


So far, the only thing predictable about the weather of 2018 is its unpredictability. From a winter that brought us an unusually low snow cover in most parts of the Prairies, to a very snowy March and a cool/cold April, it’s anyone’s guess how May will play out. 

Even though it is not without its challenges, producers usually want to get a jump on seeding, knowing that early seeding usually translates to bigger yields and better quality at harvest. However, early seeding isn’t the only factor in maximizing yield potential and quality. 

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Know Your Nutrients: Why prime your seeds?


At seeding time, there are several factors that can limit nutrient availability in the soil, such as soil temperature, moisture level and soil quality. 

One thing you can do to get your crop off to a strong start is to use a Primer. Primed seeds are not dependent on nutrient density in the seed or soil nutrients, so regardless of nutrient availability, they can germinate and emerge quickly, with strong, developed root systems.

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