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Primed for the Season


So far, the only thing predictable about the weather of 2018 is its unpredictability. From a winter that brought us an unusually low snow cover in most parts of the Prairies, to a very snowy March and a cool/cold April, it’s anyone’s guess how May will play out. 

Even though it is not without its challenges, producers usually want to get a jump on seeding, knowing that early seeding usually translates to bigger yields and better quality at harvest. However, early seeding isn’t the only factor in maximizing yield potential and quality. 

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Know Your Nutrients: Why prime your seeds?


At seeding time, there are several factors that can limit nutrient availability in the soil, such as soil temperature, moisture level and soil quality. 

One thing you can do to get your crop off to a strong start is to use a Primer. Primed seeds are not dependent on nutrient density in the seed or soil nutrients, so regardless of nutrient availability, they can germinate and emerge quickly, with strong, developed root systems.

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Know Your Nutrients: Zinc


Although zinc (Zn) is required in much smaller amounts than some of the other micronutrients, it can make a big difference in both crop yield, health and quality. Pay attention to zinc – high yields cannot be achieved without it!

Zinc is a key driver of germination and root development and is required for growth hormone production and homeostasis, as well as synthesis of nucleic acids and enzyme activity. It aids in the formation of chlorophyll, affects the uptake and use of water, and influences the rate of seed and stalk maturation. 

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Know Your Nutrients: Phosphorus


Phosphorus (P) is a primary (macro) nutrient needed for plant development and growth throughout the entire life cycle – from seedling to maturity.

A macronutrient, phosphorus is necessary for cell formation and division, and plays a key role in photosynthesis and energy transfer in the plant. Phosphorus also stimulates root development and improves plant strength, seed production and overall quality.

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Start the Season with Perfuze


The availability of micronutrients in the soil during the First 30 Days can play a critical role in preserving a crop’s final yield potential. Get the growing season off to a strong start with a better distribution of micronutrients in the field and reap the benefits at harvest!

OMEX’s Perfuze is a highly-concentrated liquid suspension designed to coat your dry NPKS blends for an even distribution of micronutrients across the field. This product is a cost-effective, efficient choice to apply micronutrients to high pH soils, soils with high concentrations of organic matter, sandy soils and other conditions which can restrict the availability of nutrients. Various analyses are available to meet the specific needs of your field.

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