Know Your Nutrients

Know Your Nutrients: Nitrogen

One of the most abundant elements on Earth, nitrogen (N) is present in the cells of all living systems; without nitrogen, there would be no life.

Despite its abundance, much of the nitrogen in soil is not readily available to plants. There are several factors that can further limit the availability of nitrogen, including water logged soils, poorly aerated soils, and mineral soils low in organic matter. 

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Know Your Nutrients: 16 Essential Elements

Like humans, plants require certain key nutrients to grow well, develop, reproduce and remain healthy. The performance of a crop in the field depends on the genetic makeup of the variety grown, fertility and pesticides programs, and interaction with the environment. 

The elements required by plants and obtained from soil and/or fertilizers encompass major nutrients (aka macronutrients), secondary nutrients, and micronutrients (aka trace elements). The qualification of major and minor nutrients comes from the relative abundance and requirement for various functions in plants.

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Nutrient Management Programs

The most critical stage in establishing a plant’s yield potential is in The First 30 Days®. Start your season off strong.

The FINAL 30 Days® consists of nutritional management programs to enhance fill and quality of grain and oilseed crops.